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Read This Bluehost Review Before Choosing Your Webhosting Solution

Bluehost is among the most popular and, perhaps, most inexpensive web hosts out there. In this Bluehost web hosting review, check out what is underneath the hood, exactly, why the service is so great, and whether or not it’s the correct solution for your new website venture.

This service was created in 1998 by Bill Allison and his friend Norm Ginsberg.

The website has since gone through many evolutions, including a redesign that made way for a much greater degree of flexibility from clients.

Today, you will find Bluehost still very much a relevant force on the internet.

  • One of the biggest things that people like about Bluehost is that they are a reasonably priced shared web host. That is why the reviews always focus on that angle and make sure everyone knows the great deal that is offered by the company.

It is also a popular choice because of the fact that the web host is highly reliable. In fact, in many aspects, you are going to find this web host to be superior to some of the more expensive shared hosts.

With that said, it is important that you understand just what you can expect from this company before you decide to use them for any type of online business.

  • One of the best things that you will discover about this Bluehost review is that it makes it clear that they are dedicated to making sure that their customers are satisfied with every aspect of their service.

They have spent the last 10 years refining the services that they offer. Whether you are looking for free domain names or dedicated hosting, you are going to find an affordable solution that works for you.

Now, if you are looking for shared hosting services, you will also find a lot of positive things that you can learn from this Bluehost review.

  • This hosting provider offers great shared web hosting services. They have packages for anyone who is looking to start a blog or get a small website up and running.

They even have a monthly plan that is designed to work for almost any budget.

Although Bluehost does not provide dedicated servers, they do offer managed servers, which is something that will allow you to take advantage of all of the features that they offer.

When you read this Bluehost review, you will quickly realize how well-suited this web host is to those who are looking for affordable web hosting services.

If you are someone who wants to build a website but cannot afford the price that many of these companies charge, you will be happy to know that you have a great option.

The average website owner is looking for a reliable web host, but one that does not require a monthly fee.

With this Bluehost review, you are going to discover why they have consistently been providing quality services and why they have continued to grow in their business.

If you are not yet familiar with VPS hosting, you should become familiar with it before moving on to Bluehost.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of cloud computing that provides users with a lot of different options.

You can use a VPS to run both a website and an operating system, as well as using it for dedicated servers.

With this type of hosting, you will never worry about having too much or too little space, because the entire server is dedicated to your website.

  • They have four data centers located throughout the United States and in Europe.

The servers are housed in data centers that use redundant power sources, ventilation systems, firewalls, etc., to protect against outside threats and to ensure that your site is always functioning at its best.

  • The employees that work at Bluehost make sure that their customers are satisfied with their services. Since they have experienced all types of customers, they know how to solve problems as soon as they arise.
  • Their response time is often faster than you would expect from a hosting service because they are always on the lookout for problems.

If you need a reliable, inexpensive option for shared hosting, then Bluehost could be a great choice for you.

  • They offer a free account with unlimited domains and up to 4 root servers, so if you want your site to be able to grow at an accelerated rate, you should definitely look into Bluehost.

Even though it may be a little more expensive than most other companies, the quality of their service and their customer satisfaction makes up for it.

What Are the Features of Bluehost?

what are the features of bluehost

What are the features of Bluehost?

This is a question that I am asked quite often by newcomers to the world of web hosting. It’s not that I mind, it’s just that not many people really understand what all the bells and whistles are on a server.

So I thought I would put it to good use in this article and hopefully encourage more people to find out more about this very popular company.

What are the features of Bluehost? That’s a very good question and I will try my best to answer it here. The first thing that really comes to mind when you hear the name Bluehost is its reliability.

They are one of the most reliable companies online today and you can’t go wrong with them. In fact, their popularity has grown since they first started.

Another one of the features of Bluehost that really grabs my attention is the customer service provided. I am a huge fan of customer service.

If I am not satisfied with the product or service I receive from a company, I will always tell everyone about it. The same rule applies when you choose a website hosting provider. You should always choose one that has real customer service.

So what are the things you should expect when signing up with Bluehost?

  • First of all, if you are new to website building, you will be happy to know that they have an extensive video tutorial series that walks you through all the steps necessary to create a simple website.

So if you ever had trouble creating your own site before, you will definitely want to watch one of these videos. It will give you the insight that you need as to how easy it actually is.

  • Secondly, the company has excellent customer service.

This is probably the reason why they are so popular with newcomers and old-hands alike.

When you call up their customer support team, you will be greeted by a friendly live person who will ask you some questions about what kind of website you have created, what you plan on selling off it on, and anything else you may need. They will also check to see if your domain name is active.

  • In addition to customer support, Bluehost has several other added features that will impress even the pickiest customers.

For example, they will allow you to add unlimited categories to your website. You will also be given the ability to change the color scheme on your website any time you please.

Also, if you want to add a picture to your site, they will let you do that as well. If you want to add a blog to your website, they will let you do that as well.

  • Bluehost will never sell your information to any third parties, which is definitely a big plus. They will never spy on your computer like some of the other web hosts will do either.

If you wish, you can even keep the privacy settings on your site as private as you want. This is a huge deal because many people do not like other people keeping an eye on what they are doing on their computers.

So, when you are looking for what are the features of Bluehost, keep these things in mind.

The best thing that I could say about them is that they will never let you down. They have been around for several years, so they are a stable company and they provide great service to their customers.

Bluehost will never sell your information to a third party either. Therefore, no snooping or spying will take place on your computer when you are using this website hosting service.

However, there may be times when you need to upload some pictures to your site from your cell phone. You will be able to do that when you go to upload them.

When you have chosen to go with Bluehost as your website hosting option, you will also be provided with a free account for you to start off with.

This means that you will be able to get started right away, without having to spend any money at all.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that come with choosing Bluehost as a website host.

They offer many features and bonuses to make their service more attractive to their customers.

  • These features include money-back guarantees, domain names, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited storage, and a lot more.

The features that they offer are designed to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

  • They do not just want to be known for being an affordable company that can provide excellent service, but they also want to be known as an excellent provider of website hosting services.

This is why they offer so much to people who use their website.

If you are looking for a way to get a reliable website hosting service and want to find a quality host then Bluehost is what you should be using.

Why You Should Use Bluehost For Your Website

The first question that comes to our mind is “Why you should use Bluehost for your blog”.

It’s easy as Bluehost is just like any other hosting company.

It offers affordable web hosting plans at the best possible prices. This is a major reason why most people are choosing it.

If you have decided to host your site on the internet, there is a need to choose a reliable and good-quality web host. The quality of service is one of the most important factors you should consider.

After all your website would be dealing with the visitors of your site. Hence the quality of the website would largely depend upon the way in which it is hosted.

There is another reason why you should use Bluehost for your website. With a long history in the field of website development, they have a large number of skilled technical staff.

This is a major factor as to why they have an extensive technical support system. Even if you have some technical issues, the professionals at Bluehost would solve them without much trouble.

Bluehost can serve you best if you are looking to build a website for your small business. Their database and files are backed by Microsoft’s SQL Server. In addition, they have their own software that is used to develop the pages and make them viewable on the browser.

Why You Should Use Bluehost For Your Blog

Therefore, if you have a business that has some potential then this hosting plan would be perfect for you.

However, this plan would cost you more than other web hosts. You need to pay at least $2.50 per month.

Therefore, this cost may turn you away.

If you are looking for an affordable hosting service then it would be a better idea to choose HostGator, GoDaddy, or Host Papa. However, all these three can host your site but the difference lies in the features that they offer.

Bluehost has its own server, so you would not have to worry about the stability of the server. This would be a plus for those who have high traffic and high load on their server.

Also, you would not have to think about their uptime. Although they have a 99% uptime, still some customers have some problems. But, this would also be beneficial to you if you have a website that receives a lot of traffic.

The good thing about Bluehost is that you can install most of the applications through a cPanel account. Therefore, it would be easier for you to manage your website.

Aside from the cPanel, they also have their own anti-spam software so there would be no problem with receiving spam emails. Another feature that you would like to look at is the customer support that they offer.

If ever there is a problem with your website or the hosting server, you would be given the best service and help that you could possibly get.

Most people would choose hosts that have the best features but if it comes to price, Bluehost would always come out as the best option. It is cheap and affordable.

They also offer a money-back guarantee in case that you are not satisfied with their service. Aside from this, their site has user-friendly tools which would make setting up your blog or website a breeze.

So, if you want to start an online business, Bluehost would be the one that you would want to start with.

The other advantage that you can get from Bluehost is the fact that their servers are secured. This means that if anyone wanted to attack your website or server, they will have problems because there is a security seal on it.

But if you want to have a faster connection, then the server should be able to deliver it. With its fast upload and download capabilities, you can enjoy the flexibility that you need while running your website.

However, if you are thinking that this hosting server is too expensive, then you should know that it is not. They offer different plans, which you can avail depending on what your needs are.

You can choose the plan that will fit your needs and you can save a lot of money from it. Aside from the monthly rate, you can also opt for a yearly plan.

Although it may cost you more at the beginning, you can actually save a lot of money during the year. This is due to the fact that you will only pay for the space that you use.

So, why you should use Bluehost? It is a reliable host and a host that you can depend on. With the features that they offer, you would be guaranteed that you can have a successful website anytime.

Why Bluehost is a Good Choice For Business?

You have probably heard of Bluehost already.

This is a great option for hosting a blog on the internet.

If you are thinking of starting an online business, this is definitely one of your options to look at. It has been around a long time and continues to be a popular choice among entrepreneurs and companies.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Bluehost is a good choice for business hosting.

Why Bluehost is a good choice for business

A lot of people will tell you that they don’t want to have to learn any HTML in order to build a website for their business.

There are so many different programs out there that are supposed to help you build your own website. The problem with these is that they cost a lot of money and are complicated to use.

One of the most expensive is the Hostgator plan which is a low-cost solution.

The downfall to Hostgator is that it doesn’t have nearly the amount of features that you would need to have if you wanted to build a business website.

If you really want to start a profitable online business then you need to consider using a hosting company that specializes in offering free web hosting packages. Bluehost is one of these companies.

When I first decided that I was going to try and get my website noticed I tried all the usual things like search engine optimization, link building, etc. You know what I mean.

I tried every random keyword phrase that I could come up with in order to get my site listed high in the search engines. Nothing worked. I eventually realized that all of my SEO efforts were in vain because Google absolutely hates Webhosting.

When I decided to start my online business, I had no idea how to get a website up and running. It took me forever to figure that part out so I had to find another way.

Luckily, web hosting is one of the easiest things to deal with. You don’t even have to know how to code a webpage. I was able to use a tool that will virtually do all of this for me which allowed me to launch my business in mere minutes.

Bluehost is a great option for a lot of reasons. I mentioned above the fact that you don’t need to know anything about coding to get your site set up. Bluehost offers a very friendly and helpful customer service department.

They are also extremely fast in responding to any support requests that you may have. The reason why Bluehost is such a great hosting company is because of the fact that they have extremely low prices for their plans.

You can literally save up to 75% of what you would normally be paid by purchasing through Bluehost.

This is due to the fact that they have significantly lower monthly fees than other web hosts. They also offer various different plans for people who are looking for hosting for their personal websites as well as business websites.

There is definitely a plan that will fit your needs no matter what your current web design needs are.

So, why Bluehost is a good choice for business? Because it allows me to run my website on a very affordable plan. I can also earn extra money by advertising on the different websites that are hosted on the same server.

Not only does this keep me from having to spend a ton of money on web hosting, but I also earn extra money each time someone uses my hosting account.

Now you too can experience all of these benefits and more!

Why Is Bluehost the Best Choice Than Others?

There are many people out there wondering why is Bluehost the best choice than others.

Bluehost is different than other hosts because they offer the lowest prices around.

When you are looking for a web host it is very important to find the cheapest prices, but in some cases, the cheapest prices are just not what you need.

You want web hosting that fits your needs and with Bluehost, you are going to be able to do that.

One of the main reasons that Bluehost is so affordable is because they have such low overheads. They do not have any of the fancy web hosting packages like many of the others out there.

They are very affordable because they do not have to pay for any of the extra services that other web hosting companies provide. You can get everything that you need with Bluehost and they have many offers for people who need them.

The best way to explain this is by thinking about what kind of website do you want to have.

Do you want a blog to help you keep in touch with people? Do you want to sell products or do you want to earn an income online?

No matter what you want to do online you are going to be able to choose from the programs that are available with Bluehost. They even have a special program for teenagers that will help them learn how to make money online.

You are going to be able to set up a business easily when you have the help that you need. You do not have to worry about the technical side of things because they are here to help you through every step.

It is really easy to start a web business when you have the right tools and the right information.

There are many people that are trying to get started on the internet but do not have the right knowledge or skills needed to succeed. This is where Bluehost comes in and saves everyone from any kind of failure.

You are going to be able to find everything that you need right online. You will not have to worry about a web host or anything else. Bluehost takes care of everything for you.

You will have all of the tools that you need right at your fingertips. You can be creating your first website in less than one hour with most of the things that you need.

You will never have to worry about installing anything on your server again. You do not need to know anything about hosting servers to be able to use the software that is provided.

Bluehost is going to teach you everything that you need to know to get started on the internet.

Everyone who has a website needs to have a domain name to put their site on. You will never be able to compete with some of the bigger names out there if you cannot buy your own domain name.

You will have to go through a lot of trouble getting the site set up and online before you can be on any type of internet marketing program. With Bluehost, you will not have to worry about anything like that.

The biggest reason that Bluehost is the best choice is that they offer the lowest price around. They are always going to be less expensive than other companies that offer similar services.

This will allow you to make more money while having the least amount of problems with your company. Since you are getting such a great deal, you will be able to afford just about anything that you need.

Is Bluehost Worth It?

Bluehost is one of the many Cpanel web hosting plans available out there.

It is very easy to use and has a very intuitive interface. I have been using Cpanel for a few years and I can say that this hosting service is by far the best.

For the reasons I will mention later in this article, Bluehost is definitely worth it.

One of the main selling points of Bluehost is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That makes it easy to test out their free domain hosting solution.

If you are impressed with the results, then you may decide to purchase a year-long unlimited account with Bluehost. In my opinion, the two best features of Bluehost that separate them from other hosts are their security features and their price.

Security is definitely going to be a huge selling point for any web hosting company. You need to protect your website from all kinds of bad guys out there.

You can protect your website from viruses and hackers with a free domain name as an option from the web hosting company. So, you can rest assured that Bluehost is protecting your website and your business.

I believe the customer service provided by Bluehost to be excellent.

In fact, their support staff is some of the nicest I have ever had. If you have any problems or difficulties with your hosting service, you can contact support by phone or email.

In my experience, this form of customer service is just a notch below Hostgator and Cpanel. I would give them a thumbs up on both counts.

Another reason why I think Bluehost is worth it is because of the incredible amount of bandwidth and disk space they offer. They provide almost five thousand dollars worth of disk space and four hundred dollars’ worth of bandwidth.

These are really nice options for a website owner that doesn’t need a ton of space or bandwidth. Bluehost has great server reliability as well.

Many people will say they have had problems with the servers in the past, but these problems have been all over the board.

I think one of the best parts about Bluehost is they have one of the most affordable domain names. Now, you might be saying “you don’t need domain names!” and you would be right.

However, for people that have websites that need to generate a lot of traffic, they can really benefit from having domain names that people can find easily.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to have a domain name if you ever need to change them in the future. I don’t know anyone that owns a ton of domain names that doesn’t have some sort of vanity URL.

The cost-free plan at Bluehost is really the only way to go if you are looking to save money.

The reason being is they offer a 30-day free domain and a low one-time cost. If you are someone that is looking for a web server with solid uptime and a small price tag then the free domain and low monthly fee are for you.

Bluehost also has extremely high customer service. Their representatives are always there to help you out when you have a problem.

Overall I have to say that despite its minimal cost, Bluehost beats every other hosting company I have ever seen.

Now, if you want a hosting company that has great uptime, great bandwidth, and great support then you won’t find a better option for your website.

You owe it to yourself to give Bluehost a shot, even if you are using shared hosting services, you will not be disappointed.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

Let’s quickly check out the Pros and cons of Bluehost, Review of the product is incomplete without discussing the pros and cons!

  • Pricing- Initial term is cheap but make sure to check the renewal rates
  • Storage- Bluehost is generous about the storage. shared hosting plans offer loads of storage.
  • Uptime- Solid uptime, Uptime with bluehost is always good
  • Bandwidth- No limit to traffic with Bluehost, a big thubs up for this
  • Upsells- you may have to buy their upsell. continuous upsells be pitched that is a bit annoying
  • Server location- US servers only. Unlike other hosting providers Bluehost provides servers only from US. this may affect website speed if someone from other region visits your site.
  • Speed- It is not bad but when compared to others in the market it didn’t make to the top of the table
  • Backup options- If you are using entry level plan then it is not up to the mark!!!

Conclusion: Should I Buy Bluehost Hosting?

The first question that comes to mind when thinking about a website hosting provider is:

Do I have to buy Bluehost?

Most webmasters would definitely think that they have to buy this service if they want to make their site online.

In fact, many people consider it better than other website hosting providers, which is why most people would choose to go with Bluehost.

If you are not familiar with Bluehost, it is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies in US today. They offer reliable services, which can be accessed instantly from any part of the globe.

They also provide people with free domain names and they even offer a money-back guarantee as a part of their service. People who do research on the internet would find out that these are the things that make them different from other companies.

As a webmaster, your main aim is to gain an effective amount of traffic to your site. With so many other web hosts around, people are bound to find another hosting provider who can better cater to their needs.

However, it can be hard to survive in the business world today.

Many people would like to start with a small budget and try their luck on the internet. You know what they say though, you never know which way your money will wind up.

So before you decide to go ahead and make the decision to buy Bluehost, ask yourself whether or not you have enough experience to run your own site.

The only way that you can know if you are fit enough to handle the job or not is by trying it yourself. You would not want to be in the position where you spend all your time and effort building your website only to have it crashed due to a mistake.

When considering Bluehost, you should take a look at how easy it is to start a Bluehost account. It is fast and easy to set up and the company offers a step-by-step system for setting up your account.

You would also have to consider the hosting packages that they offer. If you are not sure what type of package you need, then you should first find out what sort of package your website needs.

What do you want to achieve? Are you just looking for some basic pages for your website, or are you wanting to launch a bigger site? The answer to this question would determine the kind of package that you should look for.

Once you have decided what you need, you can then go and find a good web host that fits all your needs. You may have found a few options to choose from, such as GoDaddy, HostGator, Myquicktab, or HostGator.

However, all these companies offer different features. This may be your problem. You may not want to fork out hundreds of dollars each month for features you won’t use.

Once you have chosen which host is right for you, check the price of hosting packages. Bluehost offers a very affordable package at very good prices.

They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which makes it ideal if you have a lot of websites that you want to host. In addition to this, you also get round-the-clock customer support and you can even create a virtual server so that you don’t have to purchase a physical server for your website.

With Bluehost, you can be sure that your site will always be up to date. For most people, when they first start out on the internet, they are very busy, and they don’t always have the time to spend on their site.

However, with a little bit of maintenance, you would be surprised at how easy it is to keep your site fresh and running. If you are serious about running an online business, go with Bluehost.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you purchase something after clicking on the links I’ll probably earn a few bucks as affiliate commission from it.

This post has been included as an entry into a giveaway/sweepstakes.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you purchase something after clicking on the links I’ll probably earn a few bucks as affiliate commission from it.

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