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Long Tail Pro Review 2021

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool. Users can generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on one single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

Long Tail Pro is a grandmaster in the keyword research scene.

You can find keywords, determine keyword competitiveness, do backlink analysis and even track your ranking with Long Tail Pro.

In this article, we review Long Tail Pro and see if Long Tail Pro is one of the best SEO tools?

Long Tail Pro review

Long Tail Pro’s Instinctive user Interface

User Interface is more important as it facilitates interactions between the user and the tool. The UI not only focuses on aesthetics but also maximizes the tool’s responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility.

Long Tail Pro’s interface is consistent and excellent to use.

Sometimes you may feel it can be a bit cluttered, you will feel it more usable once you adapt to it. For example, the SERP investigation dashboard has a ton of features and views that you’ll have to get used to.

On top, a few choices blend into the background, for example, focusing on a specific language or country:

Conclusion- Long Tail Pro’s UI

Considering all, it is not difficult to use and Instinctive. Indeed, even a newbie can handle most of the platform in under a few minutes, and SEO gurus will be able to get it in no time.

Finding Long Tail Keywords with Long Tail Pro

Keyword research is really exceptional and easy with Long Tail Pro.

you can add multiple keywords, so you shouldn’t sit around checking everything independently.

When you have a couple of keywords to investigate, you can click retrieve and discover Keyword suggestions:

Long Tail Pro provided you the low competition long-tail keywords, with search volume estimates and competition metrics.

This is good as you can find the best keyword for your content (blog) marketing efforts quicker.

Long Tail Pro’s algorithms do an excellent job of listing through all your possibilities and only displaying targetable long tail phrases(keywords).

You can likewise check the keywords of your rival ranks, and if you want to turn off their sorting algorithm, you can do manual keyword research for any seed keyword.

but, this is where Long Tail gets somewhat harder to utilize.

On the off chance that you simply recover more seed keywords, they’ll get stacked with all that you investigated previously. This is because the Long Tail Pro saves every past search and shows them simultaneously.

Conclusion- Finding Keywords

On the whole, Long Tail Pro improves keyword research a considerable amount, all while offering plenty of customization choices for cutting-edge SEOs that need more information to survey their positioning chances.

Metrics For PPC?

This feature can help eCommerce sites. In case you’re exploring a niche you need to venture into you get both keyword ideas for organic traffic and an estimate of how hard it will be to run a paid campaign.

These features are not rebels, It comes with Google’s data packaged next to their keyword suggestions.

but it will help you research a niche when you have all the information as a package.

Regardless of whether you don’t have an eCommerce site, you can get a fundamental estimate of how much cash affiliate promoting can bring for a specific keyword.

SimilarWeb Market Intelligence

The Rank Tracker

With Long Tail Pro you can track your Keywords ranking overtime.

A workaround is to reorder the keywords you’re ranking for since this field upholds numerous entries.

But still, SEMRUSH does all of that for you.

Furthermore, in case you’re simply beginning, you might not have a list saved anywhere. Be that as it may, you can get really supportive insights about your keywords ranking.

You can see a decent outline, and you get important progression metrics on individual keywords:

It’s anything but anything you wouldn’t have the option to find in the Search Console. It’s anything but somewhat better bundled. However, you can get data on your opposition’s keywords and backlinks.

What’s more, here’s the place where any type of automatic indexing would help since you can’t figure your opposition’s top-performing keywords.

Yet, you can blend Long Tail Pro in with a free research tool like SimilarWeb and you’ll have the option to track their Google favorites.

SERP Analysis

SERP Analysis is probably the best feature of Long Tail Pro.

keyword research tools will either have a ton of data on your SERP, where case they’re somewhat harder to explore. or on the other hand, they’ll attempt to make a simple to-utilize interface, and slash a ton of highlights en route.

You get the perfect tool from Long Tail Pro. Just insert a seed keyword to track it’s SERP.

For newbies, this might be overpowering, however, there are a lot of measurements that assist you with investigating a SERP. You can’t simply believe the SEO trouble score for keywords.

Below are the metrics Long Tail Pro will provide you:

Domain Keyword Competition – The general score for the domain measuring the wide range of various measurements.Trust flow – The backlink profile of the page

Citation flow– The number of citations to the page

Domain TF & CF – Trust Flow and Citation Flow, but for the domain

External Backlinks – The number of backlinks to the page

Page Ref Domains – The number of unique domains that link to the page

Root Ref – The number of domains referring to the root domain

Indexed URLs – The number of Indexed URLs of the target domain

Internal links – The number of internal links

Yes, this is a lot of data to organize and analyze but Long Tail Pro provides a customizable dashboard by which you can include fewer metrics.

The number of indexed URLs can give you a thought of that site’s substance size.

All things considered, it’s a useful tool in the event that you need to figure out which keywords from your waitlist are the most beneficial.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis is an extra component(add-on feature), which isn’t the best pricing model (more about that in a piece).

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to check it out, you can contact support about it, and possibly they’ll toss some free test slithers for you.

If you have the add-on, simply add a domain and check the measurements. It’ll show the numbers from the SERP analysis, and rundown every individual backlink:

Incredible to know how your competitor is getting along, particularly since you can enter a particular URL and see the backlinks to that particular page.

However, SEMRUSH and Ahrefs does that automatically, at no extra cost.

Truth be told, their framework is way better. You see the backlinks to a particular page in the keywords idea dashboard. Regardless, Long Tail Pro can help you launch the effort cycle for external link building.

Pricing And Support

In many instances of this Long Tail Pro Review, we compared Long Tail Pro and Ahrefs or SEMRUSH, so it’s not out of the question we do a similar with regards to pricing.

Long Tail’s most costly plan is less expensive than most Ahrefs memberships:

On top, you have more leeway while exploring keywords. Long Tail Pro’s Annual agency plan (Top plan) allows you to investigate 2500 keywords per day, while you just get 100 keywords per day for similar cash over at Ahrefs.

If you like to have a monthly subscription, Long Tail Pro will cost you between $37 and $147 each month. That is somewhat more than your normal keyword research tool.

Besides, their backend support is great. They have a huge knowledge center, webinars and they run on Intercom, which means you’ll be able to quickly browse their support center. They could improve the response time (it’s about an hour now) but it still works if you’re not under time pressure.


Long Tail Pro makes it easy to find keywords, analyze the Google search page and get accurate metrics like search volume or keyword competition.

However, if you’re an experienced SEO, Long Tail Pro is definitely worth adding to your toolset if you don’t have a subscription to a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRUSH already.

If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest just to take the free trial and give a shot. you can also get money back within 30 days.

It may be what you need to find the best keywords. But you’d still be better off with something like KWFinder.


Affiliate Disclosure: If you purchase something after clicking on the links I’ll probably earn a few bucks as affiliate commission from it.

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