Why your Keywords Must Be Organized

If you have finished the keyword research process, it’s a good idea to go through the spreadsheet and remove any irrelevant or duplicate keywords.

As I’m not sure about you.

But when it comes to keyword research, I get super excited.

I come across a great keyword and I’m like, yeah, let’s talk about on the spreadsheet.

I’ll come across some more keywords.

They’ll get added.

It goes on and on and on.

And before I know it, I’ve got tons and tons of keywords on my spreadsheet.

which, as you can imagine, makes your life a little bit harder when it comes to reviewing all the data as the more keywords you have, the more data you have to review.

Remove Irrelevant Keywords

So it’s always best practice to just clean up the spreadsheet and make sure that all the keywords you have on it are indeed relevant to your website.

keywords : getseoguide

So, for example, without even scrolling, I can see an irrelevant keyword right here on row 27, ” travel yoga mat, Amazon “

Now, there’s search content behind this keyword obviously relates to Amazon.

If someone types in ” travel yoga mat Amazon ” then they are looking for a travel yoga mat that is sold on Amazon.

As we all know, Amazon, then this is not really a good Keyword to have on a spreadsheet as it’s not relevant to our website.

So let’s go ahead and see if we have any other keywords which reference the word Amazon.

keywords : getseoguide

So to do that is very easy.

  • Just go over to our filters again.
  • change that to containers.
  • simply enter the word Amazon.

And as you can see, we have a few more occurrences of keywords that mention the word Amazon.

keywords : getseoguide

So all I’m going to do is simply delete these from our spreadsheet as like I said, these are not relevant.

Then let’s go back and clear that filter.

And that should have removed all the keywords which mention Amazon and exist on that because we have clear gaps in our row.

So just blank rows with a keyword was initially and that’s really good.

And again, it’s kind of the same process.

You just go for your keywords, see which ones are relevant and which ones are not relevant, and simply get those removed from a spreadsheet.

Remove Duplicates

keywords : getseoguide

Now, when it comes to removing duplicates, the thing I like to do is go to the top of the spreadsheet, make sure you go to data, and then filter by A to Z.

And what this is going to do is show you all the keywords in alphabetical order.

And any time you see a duplicate keyword, you simply just remove it from your spreadsheet.


For example, I can see a duplicate on rows 26 and 27 and Hislop Yoga Matau, let’s go ahead and delete one of those.

Scroll down and see if you can find any more.


These look pretty similar, but a little bit different.

We’ve got two cheap yoga mats.


So again, let’s delete one of these and hopefully get the idea here.

You just go through all of your keywords and remove all of the duplicates.

Now, this applies to your theme types as well.


So where we have towels, you can see we’ve got tons of keywords.

It would be exactly the same thing, filter by A to Z, remove any duplicates that you have.

So we’ve got better yoga mat out here and we’ve got it here again.

So of course we need to remove one of them so it’s no longer a duplicate and go for the same thing for all of your tabs.


And of course, check the tabs as well to see if you have any relevant keywords such as Amazon, maybe keywords like this Australia.

Maybe you’re not targeting Australia, maybe you’re based in the United States and you only serve the United States.

So if that is the case and this is obviously going to be an irrelevant keyword, so it is really important to do.

Please do make sure you take quite a bit of time going through your keywords as is going to make your life so much easier when it comes to doing the SEO.


How to Use Google Auto-Suggest Feature

When it comes to finding keywords for your Web site.

One method you can utilize which is completely free is Google auto suggest.

yoga mat

So you’ve probably seen this before you’ve gone onto Google and you’ve typed in something like cake.

Because we all have a Cake Right 😊.

And you can see Google is suggesting other keywords which is related to what you typed in.

So in my example, I’ve typed in the word cake and Google is suggesting these other keywords such as cake recipe, cake box, cake stand, delivery, mix, baked, tins, pops, and even in a mug.

So these are all keywords which Google deems relevant to what I’ve typed in.

So you can actually use this to find tons of keyword ideas for your Web site.

if I follow suit with my yoga example and type in yoga.

You can see I’ve got a yoga mat, yoga poses, yoga for beginners, yoga near me, yoga pants, which could be a really good one.

And one I didn’t initially think of but the key to getting this right is to make sure you type in your keywords slowly.

so you don’t wanna go into Google and just type in yoga mat for example.

You have to type as Letter by letter.

yoga mat

So yoga M for Matt.

We’ve got yoga mat yoga matters, yoga music, which is another good one.

We’ve got a yoga mat bag.

Let’s type in it ‘a’ and we can see we’ve got yoga mat eBay, yoga mat Tesco.

If you type in a ‘t’ on the word mat, yoga bag again, you’ve got yoga mat again at the top, Yoga Mats UK.

Let’s type in a yoga mat and do a search for that and what’s really good to know as well. if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’re going to see this section right here.

yoga mat

Searches related to yoga mat.

These are additional keywords that again Google deems relevant to what you search for.

So I’ve got Sainsbury’s yoga mats, yoga mat prime art which is a shop in the United Kingdom.

I’ve got yoga mat Sports Direct again which is another shop in the United Kingdom.

But we can actually go over to Google and type in a different keyword, yoga mat bags again scroll down to the bottom. searches related to yoga mat bags.

yoga mat

And you can see we have other keywords a yoga kit bag, which is one that didn’t come up in the first instance.

We also have a gym bag with yoga mat holder, which is a really specific keyword.

but essentially you can rinse and repeat this method to find tons of new keyword ideas for your website.

You can actually use this tool as well which is completely free.

#Additional Tool

yoga mat

It’s called and essentially it uses Google’s autocomplete feature.

So if I go over to the search bar and simply type in yoga mat.

yoga mat

Pick a country and then click search what this tool is going to do is to list out all the keywords, which are relevant to the keywords you just search for.

So you can see I’ve got a yoga mat on Amazon, yoga mats near me, a yoga mat and blogs, yoga mat alternative.

which is a really good one, yoga mat Adi Das, yoga mat studio.

Tons and tons of keywords as you can see we can scroll down we got up to five different pages.

The information on the right is normally going to be the search volume.YOu can see that they are all blurred out and this is a free tool.


You can always upgrade and go for the pro tool.but you don’t actually need to do it.

The keywords you’re seeing right here are the keywords that Google deems relevant and are keywords that people have typed into Google.

So we know these keywords has actually have some monthly search volume behind it.

but essentially this is a method you can utilize to find tons and tons of keywords that you can target for your Web site.



Why Keyword Research and the Intent Behind

What is a keyword ?

A keyword is simply a search phrase.

keyword : getseoideas

For example, if you went over to Google and typed in vanilla ice cream, the keyword would be vanilla ice cream, the entire search phrase, not the individual words.

So not vanilla or ice cream.

The keyword would be vanilla ice cream.

To be successful in SEO, you need to figure out what your potential customers would search for in Google to find your website and the service or product you offer.

If you go back to my previous example of yoga mat, let’s just imagine you have a website which sells yoga.

keyword : getseoideas

That’s one of the main keywords you would target would be yoga mats, as that’s the main thing you offer on your website.

Once you know what keywords you want to target, you can then optimize your website to increase our

keyword : getseoideas

online visibility for those keyword searches.

Understanding keyword intent:

keyword intent, sometimes known as search content, represents a user’s purpose for the search.

keyword : getseoideas

For example, if someone goes into Google and types in are yoga mats worth the money, then from the keyword, we can tell straight away that this person isn’t actually sure whether they need a yoga mat or not.

That’s a search, right?

Says all yoga mats worth the money.

So from this Keywood intent, we get two things:

  • One the person knows about yoga mats
  • They’re not sure whether they need a yoga mat

You could have got another keyword such as ” buy red yoga mat “

We can tell from this keyword that a certain intent is a lot more different.

The person typed in buy red yoga mat.

which means:

  • They already know that they need a yoga mat and they’ve gone even further.
  • And they need, which is a red one.

So if you have a website selling red yoga mats and someone typed in buy red yoga mat.

Then they land on your page showing red yoga mats and the person is most likely going to buy one if the price is right.

However, if someone types are yoga mats worth the money, then they land on the same page showing red yoga mats.

The person probably isn’t going to buy.

The person still needs convincing, understanding the difference in search intent will make a massive impact on your SEO campaign.

Essentially, when you understand the buyer intent, you can make sure the page the person lands on is relevant to what they typed in and will result in more sales and a much better user experience.


What is SEO and Why is it Important?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

organic traffic is any traffic that you do not pay for.

So here’s an example from Google.

As you can see, I went over to Google and I typed in a yoga mat, and from that keyword, I’ll get multiple listings on the page.

The first type of lesson I get is what we call the Google shopping ads, which is this big section up here.

You can tell it to the ad, as it says, sponsored in the top right-hand corner.

Below that, we have another ad as it says, ad right there.

And then below that, we had the organic listings.

So when you optimize the website correctly for ratio, you’re going to appear in the organic section.

But why is it so important?

SEO is super important for numerous reasons.

If I go back to my example, I just showed you a yoga mat.

If your business provides yoga mats, but your website does not show up for a search of yoga mats, then you’re missing out on a ton of sales.

While paid advertising, social media, and other online platforms generate traffic to websites, the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines.

On top of that, organic search results cover more digital real estate, appear more credible to savvy searchers and receive way more clicks and paid advertisements.

For example, over US searches, only 2.8 percent of people clicked on paid advertisements.

That statement alone should tell you why and how important is.